Monday, March 2, 2009

Slowly Coming Alon

Just a quick post to talk about SR.

Things are slow out there. There aren't too many reports of gang buster styled steelhead fishing yet. If the 2008 coho season is reflective of the current steelhead season, then it could be bust. Where the fish have gone, nobody seems to know. There ARE some fish out there, but on the busy rivers they are pin cushions.

For those of you who do not know, Alexandra Morten is a HUGE fighter against Open Water Fish Farms. Open Water fish farms cause huge problems for migrating juvenile salmon. Please check out and see if there are any ways you can get involved!

Be sure to watch Screaming Reels TV. Episode 4 will be coming soon enough.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Look and Format to Screaming Reels.

Hello Fraser Valley Anglers!

Thank-you again for coming to the Screaming Reels website. You will notice that over the past year or so, Screaming Reels has made some changes. Screaming Reels was founded in 2003 by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic anglers who wanted to bring a different view of local fishing issues to the internet. Tired of poor ethics and bad attitudes on the rivers, we wanted to get people involved in activities that gave back to the resource and educate on ethical fishing.

However, the group was made up of non-net savvy people and maintaining the site was difficult. All those involved have jobs, families and active lives off the internet, we also like to fish! As well, it was a total volunteer outfit and any expenses were covered out of pocket and with donations from various users. Over time, it simply became too burdensome to maintain a site, update it regularly with new content, and compete with major sites that have professional staff running and maintaining them.

Recently, the host of Screaming Reels' website came looking for their annual fee. We had about half the money donated by various members, but it just was not enough. The host pulled the plug on Screaming Reels. We were deadbeats! The few active founders left had a discussion, what to do with Screaming Reels. Nobody wanted to build and maintain another website. Nobody wanted to deal with the internet drama of web forums anymore. But everyone still wanted Screaming Reels to live on for the future. A format change was in order.

Now, Screaming Reels will be coming to you in "blog" format. It's an easy format for us to maintain and keep current while still getting the Screaming Reels message out there. Like before, anybody can contribute a story, a fishing report, a picture or a video to Screaming Reels. So send us your write up with your picture and let everyone know about your recent fishing adventure! There won't be a forum anymore. We're going to leave the moderation and bottle feeding to the pro's at the other local fishing websites. There will be our new You Tube channel, Screaming Reels TV . There you can watch short videos of various fishing topics. We also hope to bring you news feeds about anything locally fishing related.

We all hope that you continue to read and enjoy Screaming Reels. Feel free to add a comment, send us a fishing report, photo, video, or anything fishing related. We also hope you take the time to give back to the resource, even for just a few hours a year, to ensure that this wonderful sport and way of life is preserved for the future generations.

Fish Smart. Fish Ethically. Screaming Reels.